Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to my little Hero

7 years back on 11th May 2006 morning 6:05 am , beautiful little bundle of joy entered in our life. When I started getting contraction on may 10th afternoon , i never realised end of all this pain , we will be awarded with such a wonderful precious blessing from God. When doc held you in his hand first time said " you got boy, you won !" , I was with mixed feelings and trying to understand what is happening in our life .

They put you in small tray and your bum and back was seen to me. Even though I was exhausted with 18 hrs labor , I felt sudden energetic and trying to get up and asking nurse to turn you this side . When i looked you first time ,You were so beautiful ..that image is still so fresh in my mind and eyes. You were and are our first teacher to teach us " patience and selfless" . All of sudden you in our life , life was not at all same . I learnt to sleep with somebody's sleeping schedule .World looked beautiful when you were happy and same world looked sad when you were down with fever, cold . M...y world was only you you you . Nothing in my mind except keeping track of your feeding time , counting your loo and urine passing just to make sure you are getting enough milk and keeping track of your weight, height etc.

And my rajakumar today you are 7 years handsome boy. All these 7 years you gave us so much happiness and joy , you made us "mom and dad". Today on your birthday I pray God to shower all the happiness in your life, wish you many many happy returns of the day.

Love You

2013 Year Awards : "Maths Whiz kid award" and "Promising cricket Player"

It feels really proud and happy to see Aryan Inchal getting award in every Annual Day . This year he got "Maths Whiz kid award" . This is for he is scoring 10/10 in Surprise Maths quiz kept in school . Way to go my baby muhhhaaaa..

Another happy thing to note in his award picture that Girls are leading in every award in school

Renuka Kolagi


Aryan Received "Most promising Player of Annual Camp" award from BYCA ( Bangalore Youth Cricket Academy ).

Blessed to have such a kid, God is more generous on us . Really we are proud parents of Aryan Inchal  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Office Vs School

Aryan was not understanding Kannada "Kagunita". I really lost my patience when after 100 times teaching this ,for him  "Kannada" is like"Greek" language.

I told him "Aryan why cant you understand such a simple thing". His immidiate response was "Mommy for you it is easy ,cause you have learnt this many years ,now you are big and going to office . One day when start going to office , that time I will also know these"

This really made me think while.True , this is easy because I learnt it already putting many years of my life,I should not except Aryan to be equal to me as he has just started his life, school .

Sometime we elders loose our mind and think our kids to learn everything in one day . Thanks to Aryan , I really admire his way of thinking and confidence to tell this to me .

This was good lesson for me to apply in office and everywhere in my life .As being senior in office,sometimeI expect my Jr collegue to perform as per my expectation .  I should not loose patience when some Jr does not understand my expectation .  Thanks to my little Guru , I am learning life classes again from my Sweetheart.

Well seriousness apart , below is fun conversation held between me and Aryan .

My 6 year old Aryan thinks that working in office is much easier than going to school. Basically he feels my life is better than his life. Below is his justification

1. "Mommy working in computer is easy than doing home work, you just need to press some keys in computer thats all"

2. "Home work is tough , cause I need to understand and explain to my teacher"

3. " you have WORK from home option , I dont have study from home option"

Well I do Agree , going to office is really really easy than School ( only when it comes to Study and exam :) )


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Few punches from my Lil master Aryan

Aryan listening to his fav "Paramatma's College gate" Song line " Namm appa appa vabb punytama,Pass agu agu anthane"

Aryan : Why "Jackie" mama ( Puneet) is singing his appa is punyatma?
Mommy: Because his father always asking him to get good marks.
Aryan: Ohh then my Appa is also punyatma , because he ask me always to get A+ "
Today's Kids are really fast ..Today Aryan Said " Mommy I want you to be younger and thin like Katrina Kaif" heheheh...I dont know why I am taking his words so seriously , because from morning I am only surfing Postparm excercise to shed weight..heheheh


Aryan was listening "Kolavari Di" song, after the lyrics " white-u skin-u girl-u..girl-u Girl-u heart-u black-u.." ..He paused it and turned to me and asked " mommy is your heart black"..Prasad immidiate response was " yes yes" and not only mommy's heart all girls heart is black..

Mens are from Mars ...Aryan proved it..

Mens are from Mars ...Really crazy people:

Today I believed Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by witnessing the live example described below between two 5 year old girl and boy..Really boys and girls are built different.

Aryan was playing with his friend Rashmi at home , I just silently observed their discussion .
Rashmi: Aryan , my birthday is on 23th oct.
Aryan: Oh ok , I will get you nice gift , tell me what you like?
... Rashmi: (with funny laugh) hey gift should be surprise ..(giggle)
Aryan : Ohho tell me , I dont know what you like ( anyway big boys never say this to girls heheh)
Rashmi : ( with little pissed off face) , I like Surprise gift .
Aryan : (not understanding face) , I dont know what to get ..
Why boys are so practical , straight , emotional less..why girls are so much dreamy , emotional and colorful..???

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby puppy will cry for mummy and appa.

Yeah I know it is been a long time since I have not clicked “New post” button on arutalks. A recent incident made me to come back here and tell Aru’s new heart touching talks.
 Near our home a street dog gave birth to very cute puppies.  From the day Aryan has seen them, he is behind Prasad to get them to home.  Last week Aryan cried whole day for getting Puppy to home.  Prasad is not fond of puppies or any pet.  I like puppies, but don’t know whether I can manage bringing them up in home.   And also maintaining them would be problem as both of us are working.
But looking at Aryan’s love for them, I wanted to bring puppies to home very badly. But convincing Prasad was tough for me, but finally I and Aryan were successful in convincing Prasad.
And finally Prasad said “ok let’s bring a good breed dog from shop”.  After this entire circus I was finally relieved that Prasad agreed to get puppy to home.  Very soon Aryan said to Prasad “Thank you appa, I will hold baby puppy, you hold baby puppy’s appa and let mommy hold baby puppy’s mummy “. LOL ha-ha.   Convincing Prasad for one puppy was enough and when I heard Aryan planning 3 puppies, I couldn’t control myself from bursting out into laugh.  And could not stop laughing when I told Prasad that “getting puppy’s mummy is easy, but how to identify puppies Daddy” LOL.  Jokes Apart, I said to Aryan “Aryan we can’t get puppy’s mummy and daddy. We can only get baby puppy. Is it ok?”
Aryan said “No mummy we will get baby puppy’s mummy and Appa otherwise baby puppy will cry for its mummy and appa “LOL.
For a second I kept silent and thought for a while. Really we elders have become so much mechanical and there is no space for such minute sentiments.  Just imagine myself and Prasad are talking about getting baby puppy to home and only thinking about the things we have to plan to take care of that. But we never thought that we are separating baby puppy from its mother and that love we can never  give to baby puppy.
ONLY kids can feel and think in the way what we elders can never.
That is the reason Children’s are GOD, because they have pure heart and
Love you chinna.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Achivements 2009 - More to go in 2010

Aryan made us proud parents on his first year of school . Below are the few things Aryan achieved in his Montessori I class . We are grateful to GOD for blessing us with such a wonderful kid . God bless Aryan in every step of his life ahead.

     Chinnu  , Guddi , Bangari we love you so much . You are our world and you brought so much happiness and love in our life. You completed our family , love and life . Lots of love from Appa and Mummy. The best one was the Certificate for Singing, your teacher told the competition was for Rhymes and you sang "Ninnindale.." Song from Milana. Your teacher Miss Deena Nagesh called Head Miss/Principal and made you sing, they had no choice but to award you .. Love u chinna.. you are the Best.