Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby puppy will cry for mummy and appa.

Yeah I know it is been a long time since I have not clicked “New post” button on arutalks. A recent incident made me to come back here and tell Aru’s new heart touching talks.
 Near our home a street dog gave birth to very cute puppies.  From the day Aryan has seen them, he is behind Prasad to get them to home.  Last week Aryan cried whole day for getting Puppy to home.  Prasad is not fond of puppies or any pet.  I like puppies, but don’t know whether I can manage bringing them up in home.   And also maintaining them would be problem as both of us are working.
But looking at Aryan’s love for them, I wanted to bring puppies to home very badly. But convincing Prasad was tough for me, but finally I and Aryan were successful in convincing Prasad.
And finally Prasad said “ok let’s bring a good breed dog from shop”.  After this entire circus I was finally relieved that Prasad agreed to get puppy to home.  Very soon Aryan said to Prasad “Thank you appa, I will hold baby puppy, you hold baby puppy’s appa and let mommy hold baby puppy’s mummy “. LOL ha-ha.   Convincing Prasad for one puppy was enough and when I heard Aryan planning 3 puppies, I couldn’t control myself from bursting out into laugh.  And could not stop laughing when I told Prasad that “getting puppy’s mummy is easy, but how to identify puppies Daddy” LOL.  Jokes Apart, I said to Aryan “Aryan we can’t get puppy’s mummy and daddy. We can only get baby puppy. Is it ok?”
Aryan said “No mummy we will get baby puppy’s mummy and Appa otherwise baby puppy will cry for its mummy and appa “LOL.
For a second I kept silent and thought for a while. Really we elders have become so much mechanical and there is no space for such minute sentiments.  Just imagine myself and Prasad are talking about getting baby puppy to home and only thinking about the things we have to plan to take care of that. But we never thought that we are separating baby puppy from its mother and that love we can never  give to baby puppy.
ONLY kids can feel and think in the way what we elders can never.
That is the reason Children’s are GOD, because they have pure heart and
Love you chinna.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Achivements 2009 - More to go in 2010

Aryan made us proud parents on his first year of school . Below are the few things Aryan achieved in his Montessori I class . We are grateful to GOD for blessing us with such a wonderful kid . God bless Aryan in every step of his life ahead.

     Chinnu  , Guddi , Bangari we love you so much . You are our world and you brought so much happiness and love in our life. You completed our family , love and life . Lots of love from Appa and Mummy. The best one was the Certificate for Singing, your teacher told the competition was for Rhymes and you sang "Ninnindale.." Song from Milana. Your teacher Miss Deena Nagesh called Head Miss/Principal and made you sing, they had no choice but to award you .. Love u chinna.. you are the Best.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cutest love story ...

“ Naanu nann kanasu “ (I and my dream) is just wonderful movie . I have really fallen in love with song “ putta putta kai , putta putta baayi” ( tiny tiny hands and tiny tiny mouth ) . This song is beautifully sung by Sonu nigam . I heard that when he was singing this song , he was holding his son and experiencing the joy of holding little little cute hands and legs . This movie showed us our future stages as parents . In one scene his wife tells him that they have to get prepared for their daughter school admission , then Prakash rai says “ my daughter has just started to walk, how can I send her school now , she is just baby” . Really wonderful feelings ,yes however our kids grows , we just think that they have just started walking , they have just started talking , they are still baby till we hear from them “ Mom I am no more kid , I know what I am doing “ 
Aryan and his school and someone….. 

When Aryan started his school , I was thinking he has just started talking . I was so much worried that whether he will be able to tell teacher if he wants something. I ate teacher’s head saying lot of things like “ When Aryan wants water , he says abuuuu , when Aryan wants to go to toilet he says shooo..When Aryan wants to do this he says that ….when Aryan wants to …..” there was no end . Even I wrote on paper and gave :D. That is height of any parent irritating teacher I guess.
But when I saw him managing things by himself , I was really wondering when he grew up so much that he is doing things by himself. His first school was in America . His first school name was “ Northern Light Montessori school Bellevue”
His first teacher name was “Miss Sharon” and Miss elma was helping teacher. He had lots of friends in school. But there was girl very special to him. And he was very special to her. She was his best friend. Her name was NIKITA . Aryan’s first girlfriend and first love ;). She was my colleague daughter. Aryan and she were friends before joining school.

Love started growing deeper...

Aryan joined school one month earlier than Nikita. So when Nikita started school by that time Aryan was comfortable with school teacher and environment. But for Nikita only Aryan was known person. There was tint glass from where all parents can see kids . So I still remember her first day at school. She didn’t know English, only language she knew was “Malayalam” . She was crying so much, teacher was not able to pacify her. There was circle time where all kids will make circle and sit in round shape. Aryan was sitting properly in circle, but she was sitting in front of him, middle of circle. She was facing to Aryan and her back was facing to teacher and other kids. She was just crying and talking to Aryan in Malayalam. She was crying and telling him “Aryan lets go back to home, I don’t like this school” . Aryan did not understand any thing: D. hehehhe. Then it started their friendship journey from there, and they started getting closer day by day. Every day watching them from the tint glass became routine to me and her mom. Every day she used to sit in front of Aryan and show her new dress, new hair band and bangles to him every day.

It was really cute love story I have ever seen. Her parents and we got close to each other because of them. They both liked each other company so much that they always hold hands in school or wherever we go for trip. Sometime in night her parents used to just drop in to our house just because she would cry and make fuss to see Aryan. One day teacher said that she is trying hard to make them sit separately in school since they are not learning anything and not mingling with any other kids, but she could not separate them. So finally she put them in separate class, I felt so sad  .

Good Bye to Niki in America..

The day we were returning to India. Niki and her parents also came to see off in Seattle Airport. Aryan wanted to sit in Niki’s car and Niki wanted Aryan to be with her . So we fixed Aryan’s car seat in Niki’s car . Aryan sat in their car near to Niki. Myself and Prasad drove to airport in our car . I realized the deep friendship between them, Aryan was so happy to sit near to Niki , he was least bother that we are not coming in that car :D. They both enjoyed the drive from Home to airport. In airport also during waiting time they played together and they were so much happy together. Finally it was time we had to say Goodbye to everyone and Niki started crying saying that she wants to come with us. I was witnessing cute love story’s sad end: D. I thought that was the last meet and we will never be able to meet Niki and her parents again. It is because generally when we meet someone in abroad, that relation will be till we are near to them .

Lets push our house near to … 

I never thought Aryan’s love is so strong :p . Just kidding because within few month Niki and parents returned to India , that too Bangalore . Niki’s Dad got job in Bangalore . More than Aryan myself and Prasad were happy to hear that . We planned to meet , we went to their house . Aryan was extremely happy to see Niki and Niki too. They played hours together and even we parents had good time , as they were not bothering us . When I served chips to Aryan , he asked me to serve for Niki also . He got another bowl and took chips for her . My god I was stunned to see Aryan pampering girl so much . He was feeding chips to her and taking care of her so much was really cute cutest scene. :D
Again as usual Aryan never wanted to return from their home. We came home and Aryan said to Prasad “ Appa lets push our house near to Nikita’s house” LOL ..
Today When I was posting this one I was downloading his and Niki's photos and he came inside and told me again " Mommy I want our house to be near Nikita's house"
Just a innocent cute love story is budding . Such pure innocent love, friendship can be only seen in kids . Here girl is not counting guy on his bike, job, salary , status etc .. and guy is not counting girl on her beauty . This is just pure innocent love ..Feeling good to witness such a cute love story

Sunday, July 4, 2010

World's toughest question bank

OK now I am back with Aryan’s new set of talks on Arutalks J. I thought of making this post interactive.
There are few of Aryan’s questions which we answered in our own way, but I would like to see your answers for his questions! 
I want to know your way of convincing kid; your Answer might help us J

First Question: (Who will wash …?)
 Well recently we were driving and on road there were couple of sheep going with their masters. Seeing them, Aryan was excited, and there was a sudden question which we never thought (not even in our childhood).
Aryan said “Mummy mummy when sheep do “Kundi shoooo” (toilet: p) who will wash its kundi: D he he he he  ... Mummy’s answer “Guddi no one will wash “. Aryan turned to mummy and said “Chee so dirty, why mummy no one will wash? “. I was answerless.  When I am in this situation I generally pass the tension to Prasad.  I said “Aryan …Appa knows it, ask Appa”. Again Aryan repeated same question, turning to Prasad. Prasad was able to convince him, but I want to know what would have been your answer for this question  J

Second Question: (Who is matured here Aryan or Appa?J)
On the same road there was big river. Aryan started flooding our brain with his innocent, cute, meaningless questions J .  Aryan targeted Prasad this time. Aryan said “Appa when we both are swimming in that river and you get tired who will help Appa? “. Prasad said “When I get tired Aryan will hold my hand and bring me to shore “. Aryan was not completely happy and again twisted the question “Appa… When even I get tired then who will help both of us L “. Appa thought for while and said “Aryan there will be a fairy or an angel and she will come and help us “. Aryan’s sudden reaction was “Appa! Fairy and angel will be there only in books and stories not real “.  Prasad face was worth looking at :D.  Now…You tell me who is matured here? Aryan or Appa :D ?   …And tell me what would have been your answers for above questions.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lets go to Mental doctor..

Today I would like to share Aryan's mini funny talks .

Mental Doctor:

Aryan : Mommy lets go to Mental Doctor
Me: What Aru ?
Aryan : We will go to mental doctor , that too girl mental doctor as went to to other day
Me :  (smiling face as  I knew what he is talking :) ) ok when did we went to mental doctor?
Aryan : Last time when I had broken tooth . Today also I want to fix one more tooth .Lets go to mental doctor.

Lol , poor dentist had become Mental Doctor in my chinni talks .

Complan Boy
When I give complan  to Aryan I have to tell many things like " Aryan when you drink this , you will grow big boy  , you will become stronger than everyone etc " . These days Prasad has become health freak . Every day without fail he is going to gym . 24/7 thinking about calories, protein , fat etc . Before buying or eating anything , he is spending 10 min to calculate how much protein it has , how much calories it has , how much fat it has .
    Today morning after his gym work, I was mixing protein powder in milk to give him .

Aryan : Mommy for whom you are making complan ?
Me: For your Appa.
Aryan:  Why for appa ? he has already grown big :)

"Mommy you are not good girl "
   Aryan school holidays have been started . It is big challenge for me to keep him entertained whole day .
He is kind of getting addicted to TV also . He  has started watching cartoon network hours together . Yesterday I just switched off the TV and asked him to either play with toys or sleep sometime . He got angry and said to me " You are not good girl  Mommy " and started crying loudly . He generally talks while crying . It is just so cute to listen when he is crying and  talking . whenever we both fight he will call prasad and complain about me . yesterday he was  just roaming here and there crying and talking " who will call my appa now? , who will call my appa now ? My appa's number is 9916782057 , I have to tell my appa that my mommy is not good girl "

Some more to come ...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stories Stories Stories...Aryan's Version Story time

Yeah Today I am here to write stories . One real stories what we learnt when we were kids and the other same stories with Aryan's version . Confused ? :D. Aryan likes to listen stories and loves to eat our head with his version of stories. Day before yesterday afternoon he came from school and all other usual routines followed like taking out his dress, washing his face, checking his lunch box with the hope that it is empty etc etc.
   After he is done with lunch and everything our playtime starts . That day I was feeling so bored and tired , I told "Aryan for change we will not play today we will have story time " . Aryan with lot of excitement screamed "oookkkkkkkkk" . Well I asked him to tell the story . He started with "greedy Fox " story. I am sure we all would have listened and imagined that FOX story when we were kids , right?
  His stories would be all one line " Mummy there will be FOX who wanted to eat grapes and it jumped and dint get grapes and went back " . I asked " OK tell me another story " . Now Aryan thought for while , I guess he was not able to recall any other story but he dint want to tell he doesn't know another story . Now his cunning brain came with another version of story " Mommy there was pink fox ( I was wondering why pink suffixed for FOX now?) . went to girls jungle , tried to eat pink grapes as it doesn't like boys grapes . and it dint get pink grape then went back " . I was really impressed with instant , innovative way of narrating story . I was really happy that he could come up with something instead of saying " I don't know another story" . Once again he proved that he is smart like me :D . I know Prasad disagree for this :) . He thinks Aryan is smart like him :D.
    Well yesterday there was another funny story I could hear from Aryan. I mean his funny moral for the story . His third term has 2 stories which we have to practice at home. So I was teaching him those stories . Story goes like this " There was man and monkey sitting on bench . Man and Monkey both were eating banana. Man peeled the banana and Monkey also peeled the banana. Man ate all the banana and Monkey also ate all the banana . Man threw peel on road , but Monkey threw peel in the Dustbin. So MORAL of the STORY : We should throw all useless and dirty things in Dustbin " .
      I asked Aryan to repeat whole story . He repeated it exactly same as I told . I asked what is MORAL of STORY:  his version was " You should throw peel on the road and Monkey will put that in Dustbin " hehehe
 LOL , cant stop laughing when I remember his MORAL  OF THE STORY .

Friday, February 5, 2010

I will show you that Guy

Yesterday we went to Madival  "Total" Mall . While crossing madivala we come across a big Anjaneya Temple.In front of temple there is huge Anjaneya statue. I guess Aryan is attracted to that big statue . While going in car he started screaming " Mommy look look gampati standing there" . I laughed and told him " He is not Ganapati ( Ganesh) , he is Anjaneya . You can call him Maruthi or Hanumappa " . He got confused but acted as if he understood . He asked me " mummy we have Anjeneya at home also right? " . I said " Yes , tell me where he is in home? ". He said " It is near shambo ( pooja room). " . Then after that I forgot completely about that . We came back from mall and I started cooking . He came to kitchen and he started dragging me with lot of excitement . I asked " Why Aru ?" . He was in full josh told me " Mummy come I will show you that Guy ."  I was not understanding bit . I was busy in cooking and with lot of negligence I asked " Which guy Aryan ?". He didn't stop pulling me and with excitement again he told " come mommy I will show you that guy, he is in our home " . I was bit confused thought for a while " who is in our home ?" I went behind him . He pulled me to pooja Room and showed me Anjaneya photo and again uttered with same excitement " look mummy that guy is here in our shambo room " . Lol, I and Prasad burst out in heavy laugh.
   I guess these days I stopped doing long duration pooja and prayer. It has become so short that Aryan forgot his Gayatri Mantra which he used to sing completely when he was just 2.5 yr . It is high time to get back to spend some time with Aryan and God everyday , so that they get introduced properly with each other.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I will give them money to buy APPA

Today I and Aryan have got bad cough and cold. More than him I was cranky :).
Well I wanted to cook something good and I can easily feed him also. Then lot of thoughts I prepared him " Rave Ganji/ Rava Kheer" which would have good things like milk, dry fruits, rava for him. Finally Aryan refused to eat which annoyed me lot. Sometime when such things happen I always remember poor kids who would be always ready to eat. I really thought of telling him how poor kids starve, I don't know why I thought of telling all that to just 3.5 yr old :). Might be It is because I was having cold and getting irritated for small things or it is because I was feeling bad that Aryan has bad cough or I really wanted Aryan to understand the value of food.
Well I started telling him " Aryan look there will be poor kids who are very hungry and they don't have money to buy food, look you have yummy food in front of you and you are not having"
He asked me " Mummy why those poor kids will not ask their mummy to give mum mum(food) for them ?".
I told " Aryan their mummy also doesn't have lot of money to buy food for them".
Aryan immediately said “Mummy when I grow big , I will have one purse and I will have money in that purse and I will give money to them to buy mum mum(food) " . Within fraction of second all my anger on him vanished. I really felt so much touched on his thought. Soon after I wanted to tell him that this weekend we have planned to visit Orphanage. I just told him “Aryan this Sunday we will go to meet some kids, who will stay together and they don't have Appa and mummy “. Aryan thought for a while and said to me “Mummy I will give them money to buy appa and mummy”
I was really stunned and overwhelmed with joy. What a kind and lovely heart my baby has got.
I wish and pray that he should retain this pure heart thought out his life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is your full name?

I asked "Aryan what is your name?" . He was bit surprised by sudden funny question . But still he answered " Aryan" . Another question from me was " Aryan what is your mother name?". With his cute cunning smile said " Mubbakka " LOL . Mubbakka means dumb or tube light . Since from college Prasad calls me by this name.This name has become so famous that my close friends have forgot my name . When they mail me or call me, they start with " Mabbakka ". And also I have completely forgot about the real meaning of this name.More funny was when Aryan told his teacher that his mother name is "Mubbakka" in front of me and Prasad . Well let me continue with above Q & A session with Aryan. I said to him " No your mother name is Renuka, OK " . Then Aryan said " Ok".
To confirm whether he understood what I want him to tell , I again asked " What is your mother name?" . He said " Nenuka ". So cute :) . You know hearing your name from your kids feels really different and it is just real good feeling that you will feel your name is really sweet :)

Next Question was " Aryan what is your Full Name ". He answered " Aryan " . I wanted to teach him full name , so I said " Aryan your full name is Aryan Prasad Inchal" . He said "OK" . To confirm I asked again " Aryan what is your full name?" . His answer was " ARYAN APPA INCHAL"

Since then I am trying to teach him his full name and all the time I am getting to hear " ARYAN APPA INCHAL"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, Give me another chance I wanna grow up once again

Now days Aryan is humming this song all the time. Might be because we played this song in whole ooty trip or he knows that mommy and appa simply loves this song so much, so he wants to learn it :).
When he says “Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again”. It is so cute. Prasad told him yesterday that you already have chance baby, no need to ask one more chance :)"
Yes I thought even I don’t need to ask one more chance to grow up , I have Aryan , as he grows up I can see myself in him again. I loved this movie " 3 idiots" . It feels it is our story, yes it ais.
Koshy, basya, nadeem, umesh, Ravi, Anupama, Shailaja, Archu and many more our college friends, once shared the same chemistry what 3 idiots have shared in movie. Koshy and basya could not wait till we come back from trip to discuss about this movie.
We don't have regret that we didn't enjoy our college days, we don't have regret that we didn't score good marks (basya exceptional), and we DONT NEED ANOTHER CHANCE TO enjoy our college days, as we have lived our college life fully 100/100 :).
Many scenes from movie reminded us college days. I wonder how movie writer knows about our college stories. How did he pen the things what we did in college. Eating in unknown marriage party (thank god, we never caught by anyone :)). I heard from Koshy and Prasad that they even went for some unknown Grihapravesh (house warming) party also, same as keeping empty envelop in pocket and showing half envelop above the pocket. What a "Bhanda Dhairya"? In Grihapravesh (house warming) party very less people will be there, there was high chance of getting caught: D.
and another story prasad recently told me. We girls never aware of this. And these guys kept it secret, even Prasad being my boyfriend never told about this. What a friendship. Generally I fight for so many silly things, but I felt happy when he told that this was top secret among boys and he has to keep it up.
Well that top secret was stealing question papers from Professor Cabin. Wow we girls always wondered how these guys score so good marks though they never study and always busy with some nonsense things in college.
There are some stories which I can’t pen it here :). If you are so curious and want to know about them koshy is best person to narrate those stories ;).
One of the best story was our HOD caught Prasad when he was trying to give me copy chit: D.
When he asked " Prasad what are you trying to do? “. Prasad said “I don’t have big paper, so I am practicing C programs in small letters." Lol. When HOD looked at paper, there were mustard size letters at corner of paper Lol. HOD asked him to meet in cabin later :D.
Other side I was struggling to write C program in exam.I had practiced all the C assignments except one and unfortunately I got that one. I knew I can never write that program and I didnt know that Prasad was trying to give me chit for that program.
Finally I got copy chit from someone and I wrote that and showed up to HOD as he was our internal Examiner. HOD gave weird look and I felt that he wanted to ask “you were struggling to write this program from past 2 hr, how come you got it now? ". He didn’t ask that, He said "OK". I was really not feeling good and I was nervous also as it was copied. I came out of hall, I don’t know what I thought, why I thought that. I went back inside. HOD and external examiner were sitting inside the cabin. I told “Sir that program I copied, it is not written by me" . External Examiner said with horrified voice “What?” I repeated again and started crying ( Girls use this as last weapon when nothing is left). I even said to them " If you want to flunk me that exam , you can ". I came out and told to Prasad. He didn’t utter single word about his tension that he has been caught by HOD. Well when result came out, I was sure that C lab would have gone. But to my surprise I did pass with 36 Marks. Though I was very happy but somewhere my heart was trying to make me guilty saying that those are not my marks :).
Another one was all girls were sitting in College bus and driver was not there since there was plenty of time for bus to leave. These guys were standing little bit far from bus. All of the sudden bus started moving by it. And our friend Nadeem , who never miss such chance to show his heroism to girls, ran towards bus to stop it. All boys were so jealous that unnecessarily Nadeem will become hero in front of girls. He was a one feet distance from bus and about to get into bus, BUS STOPPED BY ITSELF. LOL ..All started laughing like anything. Boys were happy for it :).
What a day are those were , so carefree, irresponsible, and immature. Everything we had except money. We had time, friends, josh . But we never lost any chance to enjoy. Without our knowledge I and Prasad started liking each other. Love started growing up and taking place in our hearts and life. We never realized when and how it all started . We never realized that when we became lovers from best friends. And those were the best moments of life and we both always try to keep those memories fresh.

God seriously give me another chance to grow up once again :).
I want to have parties and hang out with my friends again,
I want to do mass bunk and go for movie with friends again :).
I want to study whole night and get only passing marks again ;),
I want to run here and there last minute to copy/Xerox the notes taken by studious students ;).
I want to take 10 print of same program for me and my friends again for the last minute submission . Again thanks to those studious student for dedicating their life for only studies and writing those programs, otherwise how would we have enjoyed and had great program to copy and submit last minute.
I want to feel again that there is lot of time to study for exam and plan days keeping lot of buffer to revise whole subject twice. And again I never want to follow that plan and realize soon that only 2 days left and I have not started to study . In 2 days I want to plan again to see that which units are important to pass ;) , at least only pass.
I want to do selective units study again hoping that at least pass marks questions comes from that unit.
I want to do combined study to talk everything except study and drink tea whole night.
I want to talk whole night about college, boys and other immature things with my hostel girls again. I want to fight with my best friend again.
I want to feel world is mine again . Please GOD give me another chance :).

This post is dedicated to all my college friends . LOVE YOU ALL.

Friday, January 1, 2010

can I play with moon ( chanda mama)

Hey guys I am here with another beautiful childhood thought. Childhood and moon always have some connection. All of us surely atleast once would have thought holding moon, going on moon and imagining that dark spot on moon as house, tree, a lady sitting under tree. Right ?

Well thanks to my Mari ...aru took me back to those memories childhood memories.
It is always good feel to imagine moon as a person and that too Mama ( uncle) right?
I hate to learn moon as planet. He is good in our childhood memory as a friend.
I always used to think that chanda mama is my best friend and he comes where ever I go. Many a times I fought with my galli friends that chandamama only moves when I move. I used to say to them "ok you sit here and now watch , I will show you when I run and walk he moves " . And they all used to sit on big bench in front of my neighbour's house watching me run and scream " Hey! look he is moving with me". And back they used to scream " No he is here, not moving at all". I used to get frustrated and feel how can I tell them and show them. lol..

Let me tell you why all of sudden these thoughts came back to my mind. We were returning back from Mysore-ooty trip. It was full moon day and we were driving back in our old Maruti 800. I know prasad gets angry when I say his car old , crap etc. lol
Anyway it is his darling. Well Aryan saw big moon and asked " How should I go and catch moon?" .Then I wanted to know what all things are running in his mind. I asked " tell me how you catch moon?". He said " mommy I will become spiderman and fly up and catch it". I was curious and asked " then..?" . Then he said " Moon will come down to play with me. " So cute right? . He again thought for second and he said with sad face" But it will fly again back?". I didnt want to put any of my thoughts because i really wanted to know what is he really thinking . He said" ok I like twinkle star than moon". I asked why?
He said "they will come down and I will put them on my cycle back seat and I will ride the cycle".
He paused and said " But they will fall down from my cycle..ok I will tie them"
So sweet imagination. Why we stopped imagining all these now. Only because we have got other things to think and break our head, like car loans, house loans, jobs and projects , layoff ...
I wish I should not have grown up .