Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stories Stories Stories...Aryan's Version Story time

Yeah Today I am here to write stories . One real stories what we learnt when we were kids and the other same stories with Aryan's version . Confused ? :D. Aryan likes to listen stories and loves to eat our head with his version of stories. Day before yesterday afternoon he came from school and all other usual routines followed like taking out his dress, washing his face, checking his lunch box with the hope that it is empty etc etc.
   After he is done with lunch and everything our playtime starts . That day I was feeling so bored and tired , I told "Aryan for change we will not play today we will have story time " . Aryan with lot of excitement screamed "oookkkkkkkkk" . Well I asked him to tell the story . He started with "greedy Fox " story. I am sure we all would have listened and imagined that FOX story when we were kids , right?
  His stories would be all one line " Mummy there will be FOX who wanted to eat grapes and it jumped and dint get grapes and went back " . I asked " OK tell me another story " . Now Aryan thought for while , I guess he was not able to recall any other story but he dint want to tell he doesn't know another story . Now his cunning brain came with another version of story " Mommy there was pink fox ( I was wondering why pink suffixed for FOX now?) . went to girls jungle , tried to eat pink grapes as it doesn't like boys grapes . and it dint get pink grape then went back " . I was really impressed with instant , innovative way of narrating story . I was really happy that he could come up with something instead of saying " I don't know another story" . Once again he proved that he is smart like me :D . I know Prasad disagree for this :) . He thinks Aryan is smart like him :D.
    Well yesterday there was another funny story I could hear from Aryan. I mean his funny moral for the story . His third term has 2 stories which we have to practice at home. So I was teaching him those stories . Story goes like this " There was man and monkey sitting on bench . Man and Monkey both were eating banana. Man peeled the banana and Monkey also peeled the banana. Man ate all the banana and Monkey also ate all the banana . Man threw peel on road , but Monkey threw peel in the Dustbin. So MORAL of the STORY : We should throw all useless and dirty things in Dustbin " .
      I asked Aryan to repeat whole story . He repeated it exactly same as I told . I asked what is MORAL of STORY:  his version was " You should throw peel on the road and Monkey will put that in Dustbin " hehehe
 LOL , cant stop laughing when I remember his MORAL  OF THE STORY .

Friday, February 5, 2010

I will show you that Guy

Yesterday we went to Madival  "Total" Mall . While crossing madivala we come across a big Anjaneya Temple.In front of temple there is huge Anjaneya statue. I guess Aryan is attracted to that big statue . While going in car he started screaming " Mommy look look gampati standing there" . I laughed and told him " He is not Ganapati ( Ganesh) , he is Anjaneya . You can call him Maruthi or Hanumappa " . He got confused but acted as if he understood . He asked me " mummy we have Anjeneya at home also right? " . I said " Yes , tell me where he is in home? ". He said " It is near shambo ( pooja room). " . Then after that I forgot completely about that . We came back from mall and I started cooking . He came to kitchen and he started dragging me with lot of excitement . I asked " Why Aru ?" . He was in full josh told me " Mummy come I will show you that Guy ."  I was not understanding bit . I was busy in cooking and with lot of negligence I asked " Which guy Aryan ?". He didn't stop pulling me and with excitement again he told " come mommy I will show you that guy, he is in our home " . I was bit confused thought for a while " who is in our home ?" I went behind him . He pulled me to pooja Room and showed me Anjaneya photo and again uttered with same excitement " look mummy that guy is here in our shambo room " . Lol, I and Prasad burst out in heavy laugh.
   I guess these days I stopped doing long duration pooja and prayer. It has become so short that Aryan forgot his Gayatri Mantra which he used to sing completely when he was just 2.5 yr . It is high time to get back to spend some time with Aryan and God everyday , so that they get introduced properly with each other.