Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lets go to Mental doctor..

Today I would like to share Aryan's mini funny talks .

Mental Doctor:

Aryan : Mommy lets go to Mental Doctor
Me: What Aru ?
Aryan : We will go to mental doctor , that too girl mental doctor as went to to other day
Me :  (smiling face as  I knew what he is talking :) ) ok when did we went to mental doctor?
Aryan : Last time when I had broken tooth . Today also I want to fix one more tooth .Lets go to mental doctor.

Lol , poor dentist had become Mental Doctor in my chinni talks .

Complan Boy
When I give complan  to Aryan I have to tell many things like " Aryan when you drink this , you will grow big boy  , you will become stronger than everyone etc " . These days Prasad has become health freak . Every day without fail he is going to gym . 24/7 thinking about calories, protein , fat etc . Before buying or eating anything , he is spending 10 min to calculate how much protein it has , how much calories it has , how much fat it has .
    Today morning after his gym work, I was mixing protein powder in milk to give him .

Aryan : Mommy for whom you are making complan ?
Me: For your Appa.
Aryan:  Why for appa ? he has already grown big :)

"Mommy you are not good girl "
   Aryan school holidays have been started . It is big challenge for me to keep him entertained whole day .
He is kind of getting addicted to TV also . He  has started watching cartoon network hours together . Yesterday I just switched off the TV and asked him to either play with toys or sleep sometime . He got angry and said to me " You are not good girl  Mommy " and started crying loudly . He generally talks while crying . It is just so cute to listen when he is crying and  talking . whenever we both fight he will call prasad and complain about me . yesterday he was  just roaming here and there crying and talking " who will call my appa now? , who will call my appa now ? My appa's number is 9916782057 , I have to tell my appa that my mommy is not good girl "

Some more to come ...