Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mommy did you get me from shop?

I dont know why , where and how all these thinkings comes to my little baby's little brain.
All of the sudden Aru asked me " mommy did you get me from shop?". I was just numb , not understanding what exactly his question. I asked again " what bangara?" . Again with innocent face he asked me " Mommy did you get me from shop?, If I dont behave good will you return me back to shop and get new Aryan?". I was just in the state what to answer to him . Then I took deep breath and told him . " No darling , you came from mommy's tummy. And mommy madeyou in the tummy".
Within a fraction of second he responded saying " thanks mommy you made my legs also, otherwise how Aryan would have walked " . My God we could not control laugh.
You know we both are living our childhood again. Thanks to my darling to give our childhood back to us.