Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to my little Hero

7 years back on 11th May 2006 morning 6:05 am , beautiful little bundle of joy entered in our life. When I started getting contraction on may 10th afternoon , i never realised end of all this pain , we will be awarded with such a wonderful precious blessing from God. When doc held you in his hand first time said " you got boy, you won !" , I was with mixed feelings and trying to understand what is happening in our life .

They put you in small tray and your bum and back was seen to me. Even though I was exhausted with 18 hrs labor , I felt sudden energetic and trying to get up and asking nurse to turn you this side . When i looked you first time ,You were so beautiful ..that image is still so fresh in my mind and eyes. You were and are our first teacher to teach us " patience and selfless" . All of sudden you in our life , life was not at all same . I learnt to sleep with somebody's sleeping schedule .World looked beautiful when you were happy and same world looked sad when you were down with fever, cold . M...y world was only you you you . Nothing in my mind except keeping track of your feeding time , counting your loo and urine passing just to make sure you are getting enough milk and keeping track of your weight, height etc.

And my rajakumar today you are 7 years handsome boy. All these 7 years you gave us so much happiness and joy , you made us "mom and dad". Today on your birthday I pray God to shower all the happiness in your life, wish you many many happy returns of the day.

Love You

2013 Year Awards : "Maths Whiz kid award" and "Promising cricket Player"

It feels really proud and happy to see Aryan Inchal getting award in every Annual Day . This year he got "Maths Whiz kid award" . This is for he is scoring 10/10 in Surprise Maths quiz kept in school . Way to go my baby muhhhaaaa..

Another happy thing to note in his award picture that Girls are leading in every award in school

Renuka Kolagi


Aryan Received "Most promising Player of Annual Camp" award from BYCA ( Bangalore Youth Cricket Academy ).

Blessed to have such a kid, God is more generous on us . Really we are proud parents of Aryan Inchal