Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mommy did you get me from shop?

I dont know why , where and how all these thinkings comes to my little baby's little brain.
All of the sudden Aru asked me " mommy did you get me from shop?". I was just numb , not understanding what exactly his question. I asked again " what bangara?" . Again with innocent face he asked me " Mommy did you get me from shop?, If I dont behave good will you return me back to shop and get new Aryan?". I was just in the state what to answer to him . Then I took deep breath and told him . " No darling , you came from mommy's tummy. And mommy madeyou in the tummy".
Within a fraction of second he responded saying " thanks mommy you made my legs also, otherwise how Aryan would have walked " . My God we could not control laugh.
You know we both are living our childhood again. Thanks to my darling to give our childhood back to us.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My lil baby Aryan ...few wonderful moments to share

We were looking at old snaps. One of my school snap in which i was really not looking good.
Aryan looked at that photo and his next response was " mommy you are looking junk in that photo" :). We all could not control laugh. Oh my little baby now understand which snap mommy looks good and which snap she doesn't look good.

I wanted to get slipper for me . We went to Metro. There were lot of collection . Now my lil hero came into action . He started taking out slippers one by one and asking me to try those. He was telling " mommy this is nice , try it . I like it" wow I wished I should buy all the pieces which he liked there. My little baby slowly making me feel that I don't need any friend company for shopping. :). Now days anywhere we go for shopping he tries to get me something and ask me to try that. I really love that. I am seeing my best friend in him :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I was on top of world when I heard from Aryan teacher that......

Aryan teacher called us for meeting last saturday. After all talks and complains she said there is surprise for you guys. We were so curious. She said Aryan did great job in Sports.
We asked did he get any place, she didn't want to reveal it. She said if I tell now , there will not be any fun when we give him medals. We were so excited . I was so curious to know which place and what sports. She told he has achieved good place , will let you know.
we were really top of the world , all the way back to home we were talking which dress we will be wearing to go on stage to get prize , who will go to get that :). I dont know how many times I kissed Aryan , we asked him what game and all . He was not answering , he was saying " I and Bhargav came first " that's all.
It is just great feeling which I am not able to express here with these 26 alphabets :)

He made us proud so much. I am sure when he grows up he will read this and I want to say below things to him

" My love Aryan,

We are so proud of you ,we love you lot. You have filled our life with so much joy.
It just feels great when you say mummy . You are our life.
Love you lot..
Mommy and appa


why did you marry?

Aryan was asking "why " for everything. Few to list
Aryan asked me "What I am wearing ? "
I answered " Jeans and T shirt" . He asked " why?" .
Aryan asked " why I have to go to school?" . What are you doing ?"
I told him I am reading book. His next question "why?"
Aryan asked " tomorrow is there school?" I said " yes" , he asked again "why?"
everything he ask why...then finally I didnt have answer for many of his questions
I said " Why because sky is high and your marriage is in june , july" :)
He asked back why? :D
He asked when is your marriage? I told I am already married. He asked " why " with little crying face. I told him I have already married to your appa ( dad). He started crying loudly " why did you marry appa? I want to marry you :D ...