Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I was on top of world when I heard from Aryan teacher that......

Aryan teacher called us for meeting last saturday. After all talks and complains she said there is surprise for you guys. We were so curious. She said Aryan did great job in Sports.
We asked did he get any place, she didn't want to reveal it. She said if I tell now , there will not be any fun when we give him medals. We were so excited . I was so curious to know which place and what sports. She told he has achieved good place , will let you know.
we were really top of the world , all the way back to home we were talking which dress we will be wearing to go on stage to get prize , who will go to get that :). I dont know how many times I kissed Aryan , we asked him what game and all . He was not answering , he was saying " I and Bhargav came first " that's all.
It is just great feeling which I am not able to express here with these 26 alphabets :)

He made us proud so much. I am sure when he grows up he will read this and I want to say below things to him

" My love Aryan,

We are so proud of you ,we love you lot. You have filled our life with so much joy.
It just feels great when you say mummy . You are our life.
Love you lot..
Mommy and appa


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