Monday, November 30, 2009

My lil baby Aryan ...few wonderful moments to share

We were looking at old snaps. One of my school snap in which i was really not looking good.
Aryan looked at that photo and his next response was " mommy you are looking junk in that photo" :). We all could not control laugh. Oh my little baby now understand which snap mommy looks good and which snap she doesn't look good.

I wanted to get slipper for me . We went to Metro. There were lot of collection . Now my lil hero came into action . He started taking out slippers one by one and asking me to try those. He was telling " mommy this is nice , try it . I like it" wow I wished I should buy all the pieces which he liked there. My little baby slowly making me feel that I don't need any friend company for shopping. :). Now days anywhere we go for shopping he tries to get me something and ask me to try that. I really love that. I am seeing my best friend in him :)

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  1. great! So now i guess prasad is relieved :) of taking to shopping. I really wonder sometimes where do they get so much of energy & humor.