Tuesday, November 24, 2009

why did you marry?

Aryan was asking "why " for everything. Few to list
Aryan asked me "What I am wearing ? "
I answered " Jeans and T shirt" . He asked " why?" .
Aryan asked " why I have to go to school?" . What are you doing ?"
I told him I am reading book. His next question "why?"
Aryan asked " tomorrow is there school?" I said " yes" , he asked again "why?"
everything he ask why...then finally I didnt have answer for many of his questions
I said " Why because sky is high and your marriage is in june , july" :)
He asked back why? :D
He asked when is your marriage? I told I am already married. He asked " why " with little crying face. I told him I have already married to your appa ( dad). He started crying loudly " why did you marry appa? I want to marry you :D ...


  1. Hi Renuka, I just loved the way you have described yourself in the About Me section.
    That says it all! :)

    I can relate to this post all the more as I also keep asking my mom "why". I have even asked her about where Gods get their dresses tailored :)

    Your posts are very cute and refreshing :)

  2. Thanks a lot Archana,

    You are the first one to comment on my blog.
    I treasure this comment always :).
    I am happy that this post took you back to your childhood memory, I loved the innocent question you asked your mom, so cute asking about Gods dress :).
    Yeah this blog is dedicated to all who loves to re live their childhood.
    Keep reading , keep commenting :). your comments are so encouraging and inspiring me to write more and more about Aru :) and childhood.

  3. I love those why's , its so tough to answer those why's and at the same time we like to hear more of those :)

    If you don't mind, i am adding you in my blog roll.

  4. whys and whats!!! nice one. I liked the post so much. Its the most toughest questions parents have to answer. I still wonder there are so many questions in us unanswered.

    Aru will surely get many of the answers I guess :) cute post with all in it to convey... keep the words flowing.