Friday, February 5, 2010

I will show you that Guy

Yesterday we went to Madival  "Total" Mall . While crossing madivala we come across a big Anjaneya Temple.In front of temple there is huge Anjaneya statue. I guess Aryan is attracted to that big statue . While going in car he started screaming " Mommy look look gampati standing there" . I laughed and told him " He is not Ganapati ( Ganesh) , he is Anjaneya . You can call him Maruthi or Hanumappa " . He got confused but acted as if he understood . He asked me " mummy we have Anjeneya at home also right? " . I said " Yes , tell me where he is in home? ". He said " It is near shambo ( pooja room). " . Then after that I forgot completely about that . We came back from mall and I started cooking . He came to kitchen and he started dragging me with lot of excitement . I asked " Why Aru ?" . He was in full josh told me " Mummy come I will show you that Guy ."  I was not understanding bit . I was busy in cooking and with lot of negligence I asked " Which guy Aryan ?". He didn't stop pulling me and with excitement again he told " come mommy I will show you that guy, he is in our home " . I was bit confused thought for a while " who is in our home ?" I went behind him . He pulled me to pooja Room and showed me Anjaneya photo and again uttered with same excitement " look mummy that guy is here in our shambo room " . Lol, I and Prasad burst out in heavy laugh.
   I guess these days I stopped doing long duration pooja and prayer. It has become so short that Aryan forgot his Gayatri Mantra which he used to sing completely when he was just 2.5 yr . It is high time to get back to spend some time with Aryan and God everyday , so that they get introduced properly with each other.


  1. Cute! cute and cute! is all that I can say! :)

  2. Nice one! You have mastered converting those simple languages of his into such interesting posts :)

  3. Nice cute post. Aryans seems to be in the exploring path of idols and gods. He surely loves Ganesha, the friendly god.
    I realized that the fact on idols and the lone god that one and everyone can see. Amazingly well crafted post... reminds me of my post ... find your own; may be god :)

  4. Renuka...
    You are becoming an amazing writer :) &...u are making fans out of Aryan's innocence...

    Wait..till Aryan and me start a blog and start writing about you ;-)