Friday, January 29, 2010

I will give them money to buy APPA

Today I and Aryan have got bad cough and cold. More than him I was cranky :).
Well I wanted to cook something good and I can easily feed him also. Then lot of thoughts I prepared him " Rave Ganji/ Rava Kheer" which would have good things like milk, dry fruits, rava for him. Finally Aryan refused to eat which annoyed me lot. Sometime when such things happen I always remember poor kids who would be always ready to eat. I really thought of telling him how poor kids starve, I don't know why I thought of telling all that to just 3.5 yr old :). Might be It is because I was having cold and getting irritated for small things or it is because I was feeling bad that Aryan has bad cough or I really wanted Aryan to understand the value of food.
Well I started telling him " Aryan look there will be poor kids who are very hungry and they don't have money to buy food, look you have yummy food in front of you and you are not having"
He asked me " Mummy why those poor kids will not ask their mummy to give mum mum(food) for them ?".
I told " Aryan their mummy also doesn't have lot of money to buy food for them".
Aryan immediately said “Mummy when I grow big , I will have one purse and I will have money in that purse and I will give money to them to buy mum mum(food) " . Within fraction of second all my anger on him vanished. I really felt so much touched on his thought. Soon after I wanted to tell him that this weekend we have planned to visit Orphanage. I just told him “Aryan this Sunday we will go to meet some kids, who will stay together and they don't have Appa and mummy “. Aryan thought for a while and said to me “Mummy I will give them money to buy appa and mummy”
I was really stunned and overwhelmed with joy. What a kind and lovely heart my baby has got.
I wish and pray that he should retain this pure heart thought out his life.


  1. Nice said and nicely Written.. Great going Aryan and mubbakka.... Love you both :)

  2. Great thoughts by Aryan!
    I can bet we elders can never think like him :)
    This is one of your best, Renuka! - simple and so beautiful :)


  3. Well written.. Great thoughts by aryan..
    Lines that makes us to think...

  4. Hi Renuka, hope you and Aryan are feeling better now.Kids thoughts are so pure! See how he has put it....having a purse and then money ,very cute :)

    Get well soon!

  5. Nice one Renuka, I am imagining how he might have said “Mummy I will give them money to buy appa and mummy” ...

    Want to grow up once again :) ...

  6. Thanks guys, yeah it is really fun to talk to him . He has collections of such funny and meaningful thoughts which makes me to think whole day.