Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is your full name?

I asked "Aryan what is your name?" . He was bit surprised by sudden funny question . But still he answered " Aryan" . Another question from me was " Aryan what is your mother name?". With his cute cunning smile said " Mubbakka " LOL . Mubbakka means dumb or tube light . Since from college Prasad calls me by this name.This name has become so famous that my close friends have forgot my name . When they mail me or call me, they start with " Mabbakka ". And also I have completely forgot about the real meaning of this name.More funny was when Aryan told his teacher that his mother name is "Mubbakka" in front of me and Prasad . Well let me continue with above Q & A session with Aryan. I said to him " No your mother name is Renuka, OK " . Then Aryan said " Ok".
To confirm whether he understood what I want him to tell , I again asked " What is your mother name?" . He said " Nenuka ". So cute :) . You know hearing your name from your kids feels really different and it is just real good feeling that you will feel your name is really sweet :)

Next Question was " Aryan what is your Full Name ". He answered " Aryan " . I wanted to teach him full name , so I said " Aryan your full name is Aryan Prasad Inchal" . He said "OK" . To confirm I asked again " Aryan what is your full name?" . His answer was " ARYAN APPA INCHAL"

Since then I am trying to teach him his full name and all the time I am getting to hear " ARYAN APPA INCHAL"


  1. Hi Renuka, thanks for sharing!Cute talks!
    I am so sure he is going to be good at maths, especially Algebra :)

    And about people forgetting your real name when pet names become famous...I understand...I remember my nephew come into the room during a gathering and ask me "Who is Archana? Aunty is calling" I was taken aback and asked him if he knew my name...he said yes and told my pet name :)

    You have put the conversation so well :) Can't wait to go home and share this with my mom and dad :)

  2. AAI - Sounds nice. One more beautiful post mubb..! I am sure when Aryan reads this he would come and give a Hug to you.. You will be Buddi then... :) and I will be young hanging out with his GF's ;)