Sunday, January 10, 2010

Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, Give me another chance I wanna grow up once again

Now days Aryan is humming this song all the time. Might be because we played this song in whole ooty trip or he knows that mommy and appa simply loves this song so much, so he wants to learn it :).
When he says “Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again”. It is so cute. Prasad told him yesterday that you already have chance baby, no need to ask one more chance :)"
Yes I thought even I don’t need to ask one more chance to grow up , I have Aryan , as he grows up I can see myself in him again. I loved this movie " 3 idiots" . It feels it is our story, yes it ais.
Koshy, basya, nadeem, umesh, Ravi, Anupama, Shailaja, Archu and many more our college friends, once shared the same chemistry what 3 idiots have shared in movie. Koshy and basya could not wait till we come back from trip to discuss about this movie.
We don't have regret that we didn't enjoy our college days, we don't have regret that we didn't score good marks (basya exceptional), and we DONT NEED ANOTHER CHANCE TO enjoy our college days, as we have lived our college life fully 100/100 :).
Many scenes from movie reminded us college days. I wonder how movie writer knows about our college stories. How did he pen the things what we did in college. Eating in unknown marriage party (thank god, we never caught by anyone :)). I heard from Koshy and Prasad that they even went for some unknown Grihapravesh (house warming) party also, same as keeping empty envelop in pocket and showing half envelop above the pocket. What a "Bhanda Dhairya"? In Grihapravesh (house warming) party very less people will be there, there was high chance of getting caught: D.
and another story prasad recently told me. We girls never aware of this. And these guys kept it secret, even Prasad being my boyfriend never told about this. What a friendship. Generally I fight for so many silly things, but I felt happy when he told that this was top secret among boys and he has to keep it up.
Well that top secret was stealing question papers from Professor Cabin. Wow we girls always wondered how these guys score so good marks though they never study and always busy with some nonsense things in college.
There are some stories which I can’t pen it here :). If you are so curious and want to know about them koshy is best person to narrate those stories ;).
One of the best story was our HOD caught Prasad when he was trying to give me copy chit: D.
When he asked " Prasad what are you trying to do? “. Prasad said “I don’t have big paper, so I am practicing C programs in small letters." Lol. When HOD looked at paper, there were mustard size letters at corner of paper Lol. HOD asked him to meet in cabin later :D.
Other side I was struggling to write C program in exam.I had practiced all the C assignments except one and unfortunately I got that one. I knew I can never write that program and I didnt know that Prasad was trying to give me chit for that program.
Finally I got copy chit from someone and I wrote that and showed up to HOD as he was our internal Examiner. HOD gave weird look and I felt that he wanted to ask “you were struggling to write this program from past 2 hr, how come you got it now? ". He didn’t ask that, He said "OK". I was really not feeling good and I was nervous also as it was copied. I came out of hall, I don’t know what I thought, why I thought that. I went back inside. HOD and external examiner were sitting inside the cabin. I told “Sir that program I copied, it is not written by me" . External Examiner said with horrified voice “What?” I repeated again and started crying ( Girls use this as last weapon when nothing is left). I even said to them " If you want to flunk me that exam , you can ". I came out and told to Prasad. He didn’t utter single word about his tension that he has been caught by HOD. Well when result came out, I was sure that C lab would have gone. But to my surprise I did pass with 36 Marks. Though I was very happy but somewhere my heart was trying to make me guilty saying that those are not my marks :).
Another one was all girls were sitting in College bus and driver was not there since there was plenty of time for bus to leave. These guys were standing little bit far from bus. All of the sudden bus started moving by it. And our friend Nadeem , who never miss such chance to show his heroism to girls, ran towards bus to stop it. All boys were so jealous that unnecessarily Nadeem will become hero in front of girls. He was a one feet distance from bus and about to get into bus, BUS STOPPED BY ITSELF. LOL ..All started laughing like anything. Boys were happy for it :).
What a day are those were , so carefree, irresponsible, and immature. Everything we had except money. We had time, friends, josh . But we never lost any chance to enjoy. Without our knowledge I and Prasad started liking each other. Love started growing up and taking place in our hearts and life. We never realized when and how it all started . We never realized that when we became lovers from best friends. And those were the best moments of life and we both always try to keep those memories fresh.

God seriously give me another chance to grow up once again :).
I want to have parties and hang out with my friends again,
I want to do mass bunk and go for movie with friends again :).
I want to study whole night and get only passing marks again ;),
I want to run here and there last minute to copy/Xerox the notes taken by studious students ;).
I want to take 10 print of same program for me and my friends again for the last minute submission . Again thanks to those studious student for dedicating their life for only studies and writing those programs, otherwise how would we have enjoyed and had great program to copy and submit last minute.
I want to feel again that there is lot of time to study for exam and plan days keeping lot of buffer to revise whole subject twice. And again I never want to follow that plan and realize soon that only 2 days left and I have not started to study . In 2 days I want to plan again to see that which units are important to pass ;) , at least only pass.
I want to do selective units study again hoping that at least pass marks questions comes from that unit.
I want to do combined study to talk everything except study and drink tea whole night.
I want to talk whole night about college, boys and other immature things with my hostel girls again. I want to fight with my best friend again.
I want to feel world is mine again . Please GOD give me another chance :).

This post is dedicated to all my college friends . LOVE YOU ALL.


  1. This is one of the greatest post on friendship and life in college... Its brings in me each scenes as you explain in your post.

    Really those college days were the happiest days you have in your life ... i think if you have really studied in your college days then you might not really understood life better:)

  2. Hey Renuka, lovely one!You have penned it all :) Anyone who reads this can only regress to college days :) I for sure did! :) Feels nice to read about your college gang and how you guys had loads of fun:)

  3. Wow Renuka!!! nice post... its like reading 5.someone at KLE. Very nicely written, you let out most of the secrets of your friends now :)

    College days are the best, I did less funky stuff in Engg, had loads of fun in the 2 years spent at Christ college :) those were days...

    lets all get back to college again, with another chance... keep the posts flowing...

  4. You just ruined my day....which idiot will work after reading all this and knowing that there is nothing like that left for life... and that was just one chance..."Give me some eyes are dry.."

  5. Hey guys thanks a lot for your valuable comments.
    Yeah I was bit senti when I was writing this post. And Shylu when I said last line " i want to fight with my best friend again " I had you in my mind. Love you lot.
    Raviprasad I know you are another senti bugger :). I missed you all so much when writing this.
    Soon I will write about Tilari damn trip ;)

  6. Renuka,
    Great post...ur writing is nice & conveyed memories well!

    Loved the way you ended the post...Am sure all wud have gone back in time, thru their college years!

    thanks for the nice post!
    keep writing...

  7. Hey Mubb, Nice writing,, Touched Amazingly, you made me fall in love with you Again.. Once Again, again and again..

    There is only one chance in Life, you do it or leave it, you were my chance and I did it :)

    Hey you sale log love you All..

  8. I loved the post and I sure need a second chance!