Friday, January 1, 2010

can I play with moon ( chanda mama)

Hey guys I am here with another beautiful childhood thought. Childhood and moon always have some connection. All of us surely atleast once would have thought holding moon, going on moon and imagining that dark spot on moon as house, tree, a lady sitting under tree. Right ?

Well thanks to my Mari ...aru took me back to those memories childhood memories.
It is always good feel to imagine moon as a person and that too Mama ( uncle) right?
I hate to learn moon as planet. He is good in our childhood memory as a friend.
I always used to think that chanda mama is my best friend and he comes where ever I go. Many a times I fought with my galli friends that chandamama only moves when I move. I used to say to them "ok you sit here and now watch , I will show you when I run and walk he moves " . And they all used to sit on big bench in front of my neighbour's house watching me run and scream " Hey! look he is moving with me". And back they used to scream " No he is here, not moving at all". I used to get frustrated and feel how can I tell them and show them. lol..

Let me tell you why all of sudden these thoughts came back to my mind. We were returning back from Mysore-ooty trip. It was full moon day and we were driving back in our old Maruti 800. I know prasad gets angry when I say his car old , crap etc. lol
Anyway it is his darling. Well Aryan saw big moon and asked " How should I go and catch moon?" .Then I wanted to know what all things are running in his mind. I asked " tell me how you catch moon?". He said " mommy I will become spiderman and fly up and catch it". I was curious and asked " then..?" . Then he said " Moon will come down to play with me. " So cute right? . He again thought for second and he said with sad face" But it will fly again back?". I didnt want to put any of my thoughts because i really wanted to know what is he really thinking . He said" ok I like twinkle star than moon". I asked why?
He said "they will come down and I will put them on my cycle back seat and I will ride the cycle".
He paused and said " But they will fall down from my cycle..ok I will tie them"
So sweet imagination. Why we stopped imagining all these now. Only because we have got other things to think and break our head, like car loans, house loans, jobs and projects , layoff ...
I wish I should not have grown up .


  1. Renuka...
    Amazing! :) To remain childlike & think like them is innocence and purity ... :)

    Loved the post so much...!


  2. great post renuka :) .

    Ignorance is bliss ....

  3. Hmmm Renuka... Koshy has been promoting your blog. I happened to read it now, its the best post I have read on my thought 'Child in us', very nice write-up I liked the way children think. You have personified moon very well... nice post. loved it is the least I can say...

  4. Hi Renuka, nice one! :) As I read your posts, I recall the conversations I have had as a child with my parents.

    As a child, I always told dad to ride the scooter faster as I felt the moon is trying to overtake us :) So it was kind of a racing :)

    Aryan wants to go to the moon...I wanted to go there too! :) I still want to go! :) we grow up lot of things to break our head about :) But it again depends on the way we look at it! :)

    Hi to Aryan :) and thank you for so nicely penning the conversation between Aryan and you :)

  5. I am so happy to receive such a wonderful comments; you guys have power to bring out best in people. Keep commenting and keep inspiring me to get best thoughts out of me.

  6. Hey Renuka... Very nice one... really reminded of the childhood days....