Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lets go to Mental doctor..

Today I would like to share Aryan's mini funny talks .

Mental Doctor:

Aryan : Mommy lets go to Mental Doctor
Me: What Aru ?
Aryan : We will go to mental doctor , that too girl mental doctor as went to to other day
Me :  (smiling face as  I knew what he is talking :) ) ok when did we went to mental doctor?
Aryan : Last time when I had broken tooth . Today also I want to fix one more tooth .Lets go to mental doctor.

Lol , poor dentist had become Mental Doctor in my chinni talks .

Complan Boy
When I give complan  to Aryan I have to tell many things like " Aryan when you drink this , you will grow big boy  , you will become stronger than everyone etc " . These days Prasad has become health freak . Every day without fail he is going to gym . 24/7 thinking about calories, protein , fat etc . Before buying or eating anything , he is spending 10 min to calculate how much protein it has , how much calories it has , how much fat it has .
    Today morning after his gym work, I was mixing protein powder in milk to give him .

Aryan : Mommy for whom you are making complan ?
Me: For your Appa.
Aryan:  Why for appa ? he has already grown big :)

"Mommy you are not good girl "
   Aryan school holidays have been started . It is big challenge for me to keep him entertained whole day .
He is kind of getting addicted to TV also . He  has started watching cartoon network hours together . Yesterday I just switched off the TV and asked him to either play with toys or sleep sometime . He got angry and said to me " You are not good girl  Mommy " and started crying loudly . He generally talks while crying . It is just so cute to listen when he is crying and  talking . whenever we both fight he will call prasad and complain about me . yesterday he was  just roaming here and there crying and talking " who will call my appa now? , who will call my appa now ? My appa's number is 9916782057 , I have to tell my appa that my mommy is not good girl "

Some more to come ...


  1. Hi Renuka,

    Finally....after a long wait! :) Yet another refreshing, cute and lovely Arumuru talk :)

    Simply loved the last one! Would love to listen to him say all this! :)

    And, since Aryan has holidays, I guess, there is going to be a flood of posts on this blog :)

    All the Best to you :) and Happy Holidays to Aryan! :)

  2. Loved his pic :) He is an amazing stunts guy!
    Great post, please keep writing more now that he has holidays! :)


  3. With that complan comment, my younger brother had some similar comment :)

  4. D changed to M... :) very funny Mental doctor.Lets all go to Mental doctor for our dental problems.
    Nice logic on the complan. Prasad has already grown big :)
    Mommy not good girl :) he would have surely convinced Prasad that, Mommy is not good girl.

    Very refreshing and straight from the heart. loved reading every line of it. finally reading something so cute and sweet :)