Sunday, July 4, 2010

World's toughest question bank

OK now I am back with Aryan’s new set of talks on Arutalks J. I thought of making this post interactive.
There are few of Aryan’s questions which we answered in our own way, but I would like to see your answers for his questions! 
I want to know your way of convincing kid; your Answer might help us J

First Question: (Who will wash …?)
 Well recently we were driving and on road there were couple of sheep going with their masters. Seeing them, Aryan was excited, and there was a sudden question which we never thought (not even in our childhood).
Aryan said “Mummy mummy when sheep do “Kundi shoooo” (toilet: p) who will wash its kundi: D he he he he  ... Mummy’s answer “Guddi no one will wash “. Aryan turned to mummy and said “Chee so dirty, why mummy no one will wash? “. I was answerless.  When I am in this situation I generally pass the tension to Prasad.  I said “Aryan …Appa knows it, ask Appa”. Again Aryan repeated same question, turning to Prasad. Prasad was able to convince him, but I want to know what would have been your answer for this question  J

Second Question: (Who is matured here Aryan or Appa?J)
On the same road there was big river. Aryan started flooding our brain with his innocent, cute, meaningless questions J .  Aryan targeted Prasad this time. Aryan said “Appa when we both are swimming in that river and you get tired who will help Appa? “. Prasad said “When I get tired Aryan will hold my hand and bring me to shore “. Aryan was not completely happy and again twisted the question “Appa… When even I get tired then who will help both of us L “. Appa thought for while and said “Aryan there will be a fairy or an angel and she will come and help us “. Aryan’s sudden reaction was “Appa! Fairy and angel will be there only in books and stories not real “.  Prasad face was worth looking at :D.  Now…You tell me who is matured here? Aryan or Appa :D ?   …And tell me what would have been your answers for above questions.


  1. He!he! Well, no answers! All the best is all that I can say :) Now I know why they say Child is the father of man :)

  2. hha hha..........
    nice question from aryan!
    you are answer less!

  3. Well ... Aryan is surely sharpening his parents' IQ :)
    Another superb post, Renuka! Please keep writing regularly...


  4. Ha Ha ... super post ... loved the question "who will wash?" I'm not sure though how Prasad managed to convince the cute intelligent Aru. I guess the answer will be they go river and they get it washed :D :)

    on the second one surely Aru is matured ;) he surely knows there is no angel/fairy or girl who looks like one. :D

    Wow, very nice post ... cant stop laughing :) keep posting Renuka ....

  5. Thanks guys,
    ABH, you are correct child is the father of man , they teach us so many things, s :)

    Manadaladinda ,

    Thanks a lot visiting blog and encouraging to write more

    Koshy ,
    You were the editor for this post . Thanks for editing and correcting my spelling/grammar mistake before posting this one .

    Raghu ,
    Good Answer for first question :D heheheh
    well Aru is more matured than all of you guys. I know you are still searching for girl who looks like angel hehheh

  6. oh god... sikkapatte kasta kanri answer helodu...
    Aru talks alla... Aru Rocks...!!!