Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Achivements 2009 - More to go in 2010

Aryan made us proud parents on his first year of school . Below are the few things Aryan achieved in his Montessori I class . We are grateful to GOD for blessing us with such a wonderful kid . God bless Aryan in every step of his life ahead.

     Chinnu  , Guddi , Bangari we love you so much . You are our world and you brought so much happiness and love in our life. You completed our family , love and life . Lots of love from Appa and Mummy. The best one was the Certificate for Singing, your teacher told the competition was for Rhymes and you sang "Ninnindale.." Song from Milana. Your teacher Miss Deena Nagesh called Head Miss/Principal and made you sing, they had no choice but to award you .. Love u chinna.. you are the Best.


  1. Wow!!! :) This calls for a celebration! So many pending now :) We better meet sometime soon! :)
    Congratulations to little Aryan on his big
    achievements :) I want him to sing ninindale when I meet him:) Pleaseeeeeeee! :)

  2. wow,that' s really a great achivement,
    i wish him all the best for his bright future,and make us still proud:):)
    love youuuuu aryan

  3. Renuka,
    Re-reading this post after a long time...Feels so happy to see Aryan's medals and certificates :)

    Am sure he will keep bringing home more & more and make you both real proud!