Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cutest love story ...

“ Naanu nann kanasu “ (I and my dream) is just wonderful movie . I have really fallen in love with song “ putta putta kai , putta putta baayi” ( tiny tiny hands and tiny tiny mouth ) . This song is beautifully sung by Sonu nigam . I heard that when he was singing this song , he was holding his son and experiencing the joy of holding little little cute hands and legs . This movie showed us our future stages as parents . In one scene his wife tells him that they have to get prepared for their daughter school admission , then Prakash rai says “ my daughter has just started to walk, how can I send her school now , she is just baby” . Really wonderful feelings ,yes however our kids grows , we just think that they have just started walking , they have just started talking , they are still baby till we hear from them “ Mom I am no more kid , I know what I am doing “ 
Aryan and his school and someone….. 

When Aryan started his school , I was thinking he has just started talking . I was so much worried that whether he will be able to tell teacher if he wants something. I ate teacher’s head saying lot of things like “ When Aryan wants water , he says abuuuu , when Aryan wants to go to toilet he says shooo..When Aryan wants to do this he says that ….when Aryan wants to …..” there was no end . Even I wrote on paper and gave :D. That is height of any parent irritating teacher I guess.
But when I saw him managing things by himself , I was really wondering when he grew up so much that he is doing things by himself. His first school was in America . His first school name was “ Northern Light Montessori school Bellevue”
His first teacher name was “Miss Sharon” and Miss elma was helping teacher. He had lots of friends in school. But there was girl very special to him. And he was very special to her. She was his best friend. Her name was NIKITA . Aryan’s first girlfriend and first love ;). She was my colleague daughter. Aryan and she were friends before joining school.

Love started growing deeper...

Aryan joined school one month earlier than Nikita. So when Nikita started school by that time Aryan was comfortable with school teacher and environment. But for Nikita only Aryan was known person. There was tint glass from where all parents can see kids . So I still remember her first day at school. She didn’t know English, only language she knew was “Malayalam” . She was crying so much, teacher was not able to pacify her. There was circle time where all kids will make circle and sit in round shape. Aryan was sitting properly in circle, but she was sitting in front of him, middle of circle. She was facing to Aryan and her back was facing to teacher and other kids. She was just crying and talking to Aryan in Malayalam. She was crying and telling him “Aryan lets go back to home, I don’t like this school” . Aryan did not understand any thing: D. hehehhe. Then it started their friendship journey from there, and they started getting closer day by day. Every day watching them from the tint glass became routine to me and her mom. Every day she used to sit in front of Aryan and show her new dress, new hair band and bangles to him every day.

It was really cute love story I have ever seen. Her parents and we got close to each other because of them. They both liked each other company so much that they always hold hands in school or wherever we go for trip. Sometime in night her parents used to just drop in to our house just because she would cry and make fuss to see Aryan. One day teacher said that she is trying hard to make them sit separately in school since they are not learning anything and not mingling with any other kids, but she could not separate them. So finally she put them in separate class, I felt so sad  .

Good Bye to Niki in America..

The day we were returning to India. Niki and her parents also came to see off in Seattle Airport. Aryan wanted to sit in Niki’s car and Niki wanted Aryan to be with her . So we fixed Aryan’s car seat in Niki’s car . Aryan sat in their car near to Niki. Myself and Prasad drove to airport in our car . I realized the deep friendship between them, Aryan was so happy to sit near to Niki , he was least bother that we are not coming in that car :D. They both enjoyed the drive from Home to airport. In airport also during waiting time they played together and they were so much happy together. Finally it was time we had to say Goodbye to everyone and Niki started crying saying that she wants to come with us. I was witnessing cute love story’s sad end: D. I thought that was the last meet and we will never be able to meet Niki and her parents again. It is because generally when we meet someone in abroad, that relation will be till we are near to them .

Lets push our house near to … 

I never thought Aryan’s love is so strong :p . Just kidding because within few month Niki and parents returned to India , that too Bangalore . Niki’s Dad got job in Bangalore . More than Aryan myself and Prasad were happy to hear that . We planned to meet , we went to their house . Aryan was extremely happy to see Niki and Niki too. They played hours together and even we parents had good time , as they were not bothering us . When I served chips to Aryan , he asked me to serve for Niki also . He got another bowl and took chips for her . My god I was stunned to see Aryan pampering girl so much . He was feeding chips to her and taking care of her so much was really cute cutest scene. :D
Again as usual Aryan never wanted to return from their home. We came home and Aryan said to Prasad “ Appa lets push our house near to Nikita’s house” LOL ..
Today When I was posting this one I was downloading his and Niki's photos and he came inside and told me again " Mommy I want our house to be near Nikita's house"
Just a innocent cute love story is budding . Such pure innocent love, friendship can be only seen in kids . Here girl is not counting guy on his bike, job, salary , status etc .. and guy is not counting girl on her beauty . This is just pure innocent love ..Feeling good to witness such a cute love story


  1. Renuka...
    This is very innocent & cute ... :)

    You have captured all those lil lovely things, this post has all the ingredients of a bestseller love story.
    & Great pics :)


  2. Thanks Sunil,

    Wow what a complement!!! " this post has all the ingredients of a bestseller love story" . This is the best comment and appreciation I have ever received for any of my post .
    Thanks a lot and I should mention here that Sunil is the person who inspired me to start blogging.

    Thanks Sunil ,keep commenting ..

  3. Hi Renuka, cute post! The way you have started it,mentioned about your worries when you put Aryan in day care. So full of emotions :)

    And the lines " I realized the deep friendship between them, Aryan was so happy to sit near to Niki , he was least bother that we are not coming in that car :D." I simply loved them!I keep smiling thinking of them every now and then :)

    You are a super cool mom! :) Please keep writing more and more :)

    The pictures are simply beautiful!Tiny tots!!! :)

  4. Hi Archana

    Thanks a lot for wonderful comment. Yes this post is full of emotions and I wanted to write about their friendship from long .

    Hi Shivu,

    Thanks for visiting arutalks frequently and encouraging me to write more and more .

  5. very cute story
    i liked it very much,i would like to appreciate you,as you have observed it so keenly,than any other's would do.and you have written so beautifully, i think even god will be jelous:):) that you have so cute and sweet son..