Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby puppy will cry for mummy and appa.

Yeah I know it is been a long time since I have not clicked “New post” button on arutalks. A recent incident made me to come back here and tell Aru’s new heart touching talks.
 Near our home a street dog gave birth to very cute puppies.  From the day Aryan has seen them, he is behind Prasad to get them to home.  Last week Aryan cried whole day for getting Puppy to home.  Prasad is not fond of puppies or any pet.  I like puppies, but don’t know whether I can manage bringing them up in home.   And also maintaining them would be problem as both of us are working.
But looking at Aryan’s love for them, I wanted to bring puppies to home very badly. But convincing Prasad was tough for me, but finally I and Aryan were successful in convincing Prasad.
And finally Prasad said “ok let’s bring a good breed dog from shop”.  After this entire circus I was finally relieved that Prasad agreed to get puppy to home.  Very soon Aryan said to Prasad “Thank you appa, I will hold baby puppy, you hold baby puppy’s appa and let mommy hold baby puppy’s mummy “. LOL ha-ha.   Convincing Prasad for one puppy was enough and when I heard Aryan planning 3 puppies, I couldn’t control myself from bursting out into laugh.  And could not stop laughing when I told Prasad that “getting puppy’s mummy is easy, but how to identify puppies Daddy” LOL.  Jokes Apart, I said to Aryan “Aryan we can’t get puppy’s mummy and daddy. We can only get baby puppy. Is it ok?”
Aryan said “No mummy we will get baby puppy’s mummy and Appa otherwise baby puppy will cry for its mummy and appa “LOL.
For a second I kept silent and thought for a while. Really we elders have become so much mechanical and there is no space for such minute sentiments.  Just imagine myself and Prasad are talking about getting baby puppy to home and only thinking about the things we have to plan to take care of that. But we never thought that we are separating baby puppy from its mother and that love we can never  give to baby puppy.
ONLY kids can feel and think in the way what we elders can never.
That is the reason Children’s are GOD, because they have pure heart and
Love you chinna.


  1. Renuka,
    Amazing post with a very deep meaning! Kids talk so straight from the heart and are so uncomplicated!

    Came across this quote just now -
    "Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them." :)

    Please keep writing ...

  2. Thanks Koshy for your appreciation . Yes your support and encouragement motivates to write more !!!

  3. Hi Shivu ,

    Thanks a lot for reading each and every post. Keep reading and keep encouraging Aru's thoughts

  4. I'm really touched by your words:):)

  5. Very well written .... Amazingly well ended saying that children are God. Yes, indeed If I have seen god its in them. This makes me think of the song from Enigma - Return to Innocence.... the number is very meaningful like your post...

    One more thought watch the movie 'Children of Heaven'....

    Keep the posts flowing .... Aru rocks ... so does Mummy and Appa :)