Sunday, July 29, 2012

Office Vs School

Aryan was not understanding Kannada "Kagunita". I really lost my patience when after 100 times teaching this ,for him  "Kannada" is like"Greek" language.

I told him "Aryan why cant you understand such a simple thing". His immidiate response was "Mommy for you it is easy ,cause you have learnt this many years ,now you are big and going to office . One day when start going to office , that time I will also know these"

This really made me think while.True , this is easy because I learnt it already putting many years of my life,I should not except Aryan to be equal to me as he has just started his life, school .

Sometime we elders loose our mind and think our kids to learn everything in one day . Thanks to Aryan , I really admire his way of thinking and confidence to tell this to me .

This was good lesson for me to apply in office and everywhere in my life .As being senior in office,sometimeI expect my Jr collegue to perform as per my expectation .  I should not loose patience when some Jr does not understand my expectation .  Thanks to my little Guru , I am learning life classes again from my Sweetheart.

Well seriousness apart , below is fun conversation held between me and Aryan .

My 6 year old Aryan thinks that working in office is much easier than going to school. Basically he feels my life is better than his life. Below is his justification

1. "Mommy working in computer is easy than doing home work, you just need to press some keys in computer thats all"

2. "Home work is tough , cause I need to understand and explain to my teacher"

3. " you have WORK from home option , I dont have study from home option"

Well I do Agree , going to office is really really easy than School ( only when it comes to Study and exam :) )


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