Sunday, December 11, 2011

Few punches from my Lil master Aryan

Aryan listening to his fav "Paramatma's College gate" Song line " Namm appa appa vabb punytama,Pass agu agu anthane"

Aryan : Why "Jackie" mama ( Puneet) is singing his appa is punyatma?
Mommy: Because his father always asking him to get good marks.
Aryan: Ohh then my Appa is also punyatma , because he ask me always to get A+ "
Today's Kids are really fast ..Today Aryan Said " Mommy I want you to be younger and thin like Katrina Kaif" heheheh...I dont know why I am taking his words so seriously , because from morning I am only surfing Postparm excercise to shed weight..heheheh


Aryan was listening "Kolavari Di" song, after the lyrics " white-u skin-u girl-u..girl-u Girl-u heart-u black-u.." ..He paused it and turned to me and asked " mommy is your heart black"..Prasad immidiate response was " yes yes" and not only mommy's heart all girls heart is black..

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